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              2021-10-08| 發布者: admin| 查看: |

                    HUBEI BOTAO SYNTHETIC FIBER CO., LTD (BOTAO), founded in October 2000, is a well known manufacturer and traders of polypropylene staple fibers, polyester staple fibers, bi-component fibers and PLA fibers, which are applied for non-woven fabric, automotive interior, Geo-textiles, carpet, filtration, etc. Located in Jingmen city of Hubei Province, BOTAO now has four subsidiaries and covers total 120,000M2 area. We import the first-class production lines from Italy, as well as own over a hundred million yuan in permanent assets. BOTAO can produce PP staple fibers of 50,000 tons, PET staple fibers of 10,000 tons and bi-component fibers of 10,000 tons annually which dedicates the annual output value to more than 500 million yuan. Adhere to the base of creative technology, BOTAO introduced new technical personnel, also cooperates with colleges and technical schools on the R&D for creating high-end BOTAO brand. Followed the market demand, BOTAO develops PP staple fibers specially for automotive interiors and Geo-textiles for high-speed railways, which has filled the gap in the market. BOTAO owns strong technical strength, strict quality control system and has the capability of independent research, development, production and promotion.博韜合纖阿里巴巴國際版